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Gloria Steinem

The fact that men were always viewed as the dominant one in the real world, having a female heroine who was independent meant times was changing.

9 Perfect Sports Movies That Aren’t About Men

The second way that Wonder Woman has influenced Steinem was on her views of equality. Wonder Woman never showed favoritism when it came to rescuing. She rescued both men and women. The only way that villains would get physically hurt was by their own mistake or accident. Wonder Woman fought for gender equality.

Wonder Woman. Sexism then, Feminism now?

She believed that both men and women should have equal rights, which is why she fights to change their negative attitudes and thinking towards others. Steinem also fought for male and female equality.

Wonder Woman and Feminism

For example, her article on same sex marriage. She believed both men and women should be able to make their own decisions without being ridiculed by others. Wonder Woman being the first feminist and comic book heroine was a big deal.

She was the perfect role model for little girls. She was naturally beautiful, wise, strong, independent and everything good. From reading Wonder Woman comics, Steinem was convinced that women could be a lot more than just pretty and helpless, so she became a feminist and political activist.

Why Wonder Woman is NOT a Feminist Film

Wonder Woman gave new meaning to what qualities a hero and role model should have. Wonder Woman was not like Super Man and the other male heroes. She was born on earth and did not come equipped with super powers. Wonder Woman was human. She and her sister were not born with super human strength and such; they were all trained when they were little.

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All the powers they had were not given; instead, they came with hard work. This taught young girls that they did not have to be from a different planet to have power. She taught women that they too can make a difference if they truly wanted and believed that they can. Who would have guessed that this crack editor and leading beauty of the feminist movement had zero self-image? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Wonder Woman: A Symbol of the Feminist Movement Essay

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Return to Book Page. September 6, Later Printing. In , she ran as a delegate for Shirley Chisholm in New York, but lost. She and her sister were not born with super human strength and such; they were all trained when they were little. Wagner Archives. Published by Bonanza Books

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View wonder from BA at Pioneer Institute Of Computer Sciences, Jhang. Gloria Steinems essay Wonder Woman explains how the comic . Awawda 1 Malack Awawda Professor Dees ENG 25 November Summary and Response: Wonder Woman Gloria Steinem was.

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