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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed is a proverb that refers to the importance and value of true friends in life and reveals that: 'a friend is a true friend only when. Essay No. A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed. The world in full of fair weather friends. A friend is tested in time of need only. It is rightly said.

While we were busy doing our project, my younger brother Liam was playing outside our house. All of a sudden, Sarah and I heard Liam screaming in pain. Astonished to hear the scream, we ran out of the house to check on him.

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To our horror, Liam had fallen into the drain outside our house. As the drain was quite deep, he was having trouble getting out of it.

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Panick-stricken, I did not know what to do and felt like crying. Just when I was about to cry, Sarah calmed me down. She suggested that she would call the ambulance and I would call my parents.

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I nodded in agreement. As promised, she called an ambulance at once while I called my parents.

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Upon knowing what had transpired, my parents were extremely anxious about Liam. They decided to come home immediately. While we were waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, Sarah and I talked to Liam and comforted him.

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He begged us to take him out. As much as I wanted to help him, Sarah advised me against it. Rich people may have many friends in their prosperity.

follow site All like to enjoy themselves at the expense of those who are rich. Most of them are only fair- weather friends.


If the rich man loses his money, all his friends will leave him. This shows that they are not true friends. They fail the test of friendship. It is adversity that tests friendship. If a man is in trouble or in need and his friend stands by him that is a true friend. A good friend will never desert a man in his hour of danger. One is reminded of an old story about two men and a bear.

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I nodded in agreement. Mcgill university library thesis But, on the other hand, the title made me think why the author gives only the first part of the proverb. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! Please leave this field blank. A friend, who is in sample, is indeed a friend friend.

Two men who were supposed to be friends were crossing a forest.