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A Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism

The Differences

Judaism formed the basis for Christianity, where as, Hinduism formed the basis for Buddhism. In contrast, the story of Jesus portrays his birth from a virgin mother. In contrast, Buddha viewed life as Judaism's 14 million followers look petite compared to Hinduism's million, and the majority of the million people live in the same country. Buddhism, unlike Judaism and Hinduism, is a universalizing religion. Although Buddhism is much larger than Judaism, Judaism is more or less twice as old as Buddhism.

Judaism, compared to both Hinduism and Buddhism, share some similarities and face many differences. This will be achieved by discussing eastern religions and western religions, then finally comparing and contrasting the main ideologies of these religions of this modern era.

To begin our discussion, we'll focus first on Hinduism. Hinduism is the third largest religion, with a history dating back to B. Hinduism initially started out as a religion which practiced sacrifices and magic. Buddhism, also an eastern religion was originated around B. This is especially true in the cases of Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Shinto, Taoism, and Hinduism, all of which are major theological ideologies, crucial to the development of Asian culture.

Arts and Culture: Religions in India (Part- I):Hinduism , Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism

This, compared to the Abrahamic belief that all men are created with the possibility of being equal, shows a more enforced and strict side of Asian faiths. This is dramatically different to the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism, which instruct men on how to relieve their suffering in the world. This is a stark contrast to the absorbing Asian religions, which often mix and blend when they come int In our research, we focused on several of the most prevalent religions in the world: Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Greek Orthodox, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Santeria, and Taoism.

Also Buddhism has it's four noble truths. Spiritual Traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Hinduism believe in the intricate social hierarchy, but believe in rather conforming to it, become a part of it and follow the natural way of things.

There are many different ideas about what death actually is and what, if anything occurs thereafter.

Plato compares the soul to the chariot driver in the chariot analogy which is trying to direct the two horses of the chariot. Hinduism and Buddhism is based on a cyclic view of existence. Hinduism teaches the belief in reincarnation. Buddhism, even though religious, it is neit The motives of both groups contrast each other.

I can conclude that the last definition stated for cult characterizes the difference between both of the words being compared in this essay. Some examples of the religions practiced worldwide include Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. Buddhism is a common religion in the eastern part of the world. Type a new keyword s and press Enter to search.

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Free Essay: Hinduism and Buddhism Some people may think that Hinduism and Buddhism are the same religions with just two different names. Free Essay: Both Buddhism and Hinduism are well known religions. They are two of the Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism Essay. Words | 3.

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Some of these two religious practices are similar in all respects and there are some examples to illustrate this point. Vedas are usually religious texts followed by people practicing Hinduism, and Hinduism is called the foundation of the Indians. Given the position of Buddhism and Hinduism's self and desire, I would rather like to follow Hinduism. Interpret the Bible. He was provided with a number of palaces and around 40, dancing girls. Other beliefs universally practiced by Hindus include the faith in Vedas which is the ancient sacred text, the priests, reincarnation and the law of Karma which determines the destiny of birth and death. God allows us to have free will to choose good or evil, not to impose upon us our will.

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