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Here we used assembly programming for better accuracy and GPS and GSM modules which helps to trace the vehicle anywhere on the globe. The exact location of the vehicle is sent to our remote devices mobile phones using GSM modem. Abstract: The use of automobiles is necessary to ship goods and products from one place to another.

The users face several problems due to delay in the delivery of goods. This delay may be due to choosing wrong or longer routes by the driver. The Global Positioning System GPS is being used for fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery, surveillance and mapping applications. In this paper, implementation details of a vehicle tracking system VTS on Google Maps are presented along with experimental results. Abstract: Unmanned Aerial vehicles commonly known as Quadcopters are aerial vehicles operated through a remote control system to fly independently.

The quadcopter is getting more excessively used due to many reasons such as Easy to build and assemble, complexity is less. Generally, in most of the cases, drones are used in Transporting objects, military, spying, educational use, rescue etc.

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The main target of this paper is to explain the usage of drone for firefighting and rescue. This paper focuses on the components that can be used for a firefighting drone to reduce the overall weight, working principle of automatic sensor detection of fire and reacting corresponding to it. Abstract: Crack inspection is an important task in the maintenance of pipe line and it is closely related to structural health of underground pipes. Currently it is done through a very manual procedure, experienced human monitors the whole structure visually and try to detect cracks on the pipe line structure and marks the location of crack.

But this manual approach having some frailty issues as limited accuracy. Proposed research focuses on implementing a system having a robot, equipped with a camera to efficiently detect small leaks in plastic or in any type of pipes with complicated pipeline configurations of inner structure of the pipeline. We have proposed a novel method of pipes leakage detection. When there is any leakage or crack in the pipe in industries the sensors will detect the leakage.

As the sensors will detect the corresponding signals will be shown in the phone with which the sensors will be connected through Bluetooth. Abstract: Blood is the saver of all life in the case of emergency and,In an emergency situation, if thestock of blood are insufficient or unavailable, the only source of blood will be the people who donate the blood on a voluntary basis. It is certain that, time is a very crucialcomponent in such situations.

For this reason, the health care centre should contact the nearestavailable donors in order to ensure the service as quickly as possible and hence this is a time-consuming process. This issue can be overcome by automating the entire system along withaportable smartphone application. The blood packets will be monitored and updated periodically.

The Application provides a way to synchronize the information between blood banks and Hospitals with the help of Internet. The android application can be accessed by registered hospitals to check the availability of Blood and can send Request for blood to the nearest blood bank or donor matching with blood requirements.

Only a registered person, with willingness to donate blood, will be able to access the service.

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The application uses GPS technology that will providea way to trace the way to the blood bank or nearby hospitals. The user will get the route to reach the desired location and eliminates the need for manual interventions, thus savingtime. The information about the donor, hospitals and blood banks will be stored in the central database and can accessed globally by authorized user anytime and anywhere. Thomson Reuters ID : q Toggle navigation.

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Download Paper Close. Keywords: self-balancing, gyroscope, solar energy. Keywords: android app,Matlab,Alexnet. Susmitha H. Keerthana, Y. Aishwarya, S. Krishna Chaithanya Dr. Our Associates. Search Paper Author Co-Author. Call for Papers Vol. Editor-in-Chief Dr.


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Online Payment. Contact us info ijerece. Any Queries or Enquiry? This lab provides facilities to study about Network protocols, Communication between PCs, Routing protocol. In Networking Lab, students will develop knowledge of the concepts and skills related to telecommunications and data networking technologies and practices to apply them to personal or career development. The students here start in the analog area by constructing the circuits of amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation.

Communication systems Laboratory is catering to the needs of facilities in communication field by training its students to make valuable contribution. This lab is used by B. He received his Ph. Read More He has two decades of Teaching and Research experience in various institutions.

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He has published Six books, and has published around 55 research papers in International journals. He has reviewed many National and International level books and journals. He is currently guiding research in image processing, signal processing and soft computing. She is a Master in Applied Electronics and a Ph. She has published many papers in International and National Journals and Conference. She has organized two International Conferences, one National Conference, many workshop, symposium and seminar. He completed his B. He did his M.

He obtained his doctoral degree from Anna University, Chennai in the year He is one of the Co-principal investigators of research project sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. He has published more than 35 research articles in various international and national journals and conferences. He has more than 14 years of experience in teaching and research.

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He completed M. He has fetched fund from IEI for student project proposal. He has published many research papers in reputed International Journals and Conferences. He is an associate professor in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He had received his B. He has published many papers in International and National Journals and Conference.

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Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this journal. Tech, M. Measuring the properties of the materials such as impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, ductility are conducted in the lab. Read More It publishes original papers from the leading scientific and research centers.

He has organized one National Conference, many workshop, symposium and seminar. He is a life member of ISTE. He has totally 14 years of teaching experience. She received her M. Now she is working as an associate professor in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. She has presented many papers in various national and international conferences and journals. He received his B. E degree in Electronics and communication Engineering from A. Currently He is pursuing Ph. He received his M. E degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from St.

He has totally 10 years of teaching experience. His research interest includes Signal Processing and Image processing. She has over 2. She has organized one National Conference, many workshop, symposium and seminar. He completed his M. E in the year He has published more than 30 research articles in various international and national journals and conferences. He obtained his B. His research interest includes Embedded System Design and Networking. He has published 4 International Journals and presented many papers in various National and International Conferences.

She completed her B. She completed her M.