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Guzman, Wilson Social policies in Ecuador: the effects of minimum wages and cash transfers. Lattof, Samantha Migration and health: a mixed-methods study among female migrants in Accra, Ghana. Kadel, Rajendra Understanding the economics of workplace interventions for common mental disorders.

Laffan, Kate Issues relating to behaviour, wellbeing and the environment. Kudrna, Laura Please award this degree, even though it is likely to make others miserable — and me too: an investigation of the relationships of absolute and relative socio-economic status with subjective wellbeing in the United States and England. Cooper, Kerris Poverty and parenting in the UK. Bonin, Eva-Maria The societal costs of Anorexia nervosa in England: an investigation into the direct, indirect and intangible costs with particular regard to the role of outpatient services.

Angelis, Aris Nikolaos Multiple criteria decision analysis for assessing the value of new medical technologies: researching, developing and applying a new value framework for the purpose of health technology assessment. Courtin, Emilie Do living arrangements affect depression in later life? Evidence from Europe and the United States. Salas-Vega, Sebastian Cancer medicines: clinical impact, economics, and value. Rowe, Robyn Gender and the politics of welfare: a study of social assistance policies towards lone mothers in Britain, Malley, Juliette Nicola Adjusting for unobserved and observed heterogeneity in survey-based performance indicators: an application to adult social care in England.

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Mariani, Elena The relationship between family context and job satisfaction: a quantitative investigation. Bailey, Elizabeth The development of the city technology college programme: s conservative ideas about English secondary education. Dean, Rikki Democratising bureaucracy: the many meanings of public participation in social policy and how to harness them. Menozzi, Clare Performance based contracting as a policy tool for promoting timely exits from out-of-home care: a comparative analysis.

Watters, Sarah The measurement of quality-adjusted life years: investigations into trade-offs between longevity and quality of life. Athanasiou, Helen Working together to protect children: a case study of policy implementation in Greece.

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Knudsen, Else Marie The experiences of Canadian children of prisoners. Gallmann, Elena A critical appraisal of coverage and resource allocation decisions through the use of health technology assessment: evidence on orphan drugs from four countries.

Guiney, Thomas In the shadow of the prison gates: an institutional analysis of early release policy and practice in England and Wales, — Silva-Leander, Annika The role and influence of nongovernmental organisations on anti-corruption policy reform in Indonesia. Cylus, Jonathan Do unemployment benefits affect health? Evidence from the United States. Cunliffe, Jack Offending risk factors and area: an investigation using structural equation modelling.

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Wilson, Ben Origin, destination and convergence: understanding the fertility of international migrants and their descendants. Morel, Chantal Pharmaceutical prices an exploration into global variation, comparative measures, and potential determinants.

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Alfandari, Ravit An evaluation of child protection reform in Israel. Cetorelli, Valeria Demographic and health effects of the — War in Iraq. Naysmith, Scott A qualitative study of avian influenza A H5N1 at the human-animal interface: examining constructions of risk and associated behaviours of people who work with poultry in three live bird markets in Indonesia.

Lannes, Laurence An analysis of health service delivery performance in Rwanda.

Sorenson, Corinna Toward effective health technology regulation. Narea, Marigen Who cares for our children matters: early maternal employment, early childcare, and child development in Chile.

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Jones, Eleri Care-seeking for birth in urban India. Doron, Guy Is empowerment of disadvantaged populations achievable through housing policies? A study of the impact of social housing on the empowerment of the poor in Israel. Willis, Andrew Funding without strings: an investigation into the impact of the introduction of payment by results into the National Health Service on aligning clinical and managerial incentives.

Asahi, Kenzo Impacts of better transport accessibility: evidence from Chile. Drakou, Ismini Inequalities and Inequity in utilisation of health care among the older people in Greece. Hessel, Philipp Long-term effects of economic fluctuations on health and cognition in Europe and the United States. Srisantisuk, Somparat Pro-poor tourism policy in Thailand. Brady, Anne From no work to work? Matthews, Janeille Competing constructions: a mixed methods investigation of the popular and media framing of the Antigua crime story.

Mansour, Nisrine Governing the personal: family law and women's subjectivity in post-conflict Lebanon.


Naci, Huseyin Generating comparative data on clinical benefits and harms of statins to inform prescribing decisions: evidence from network meta-analyses. Niza, Claudia The impact of patient financial incentives to promote blood donation and compliance with health care. Jones, Bryan The impact of regeneration on existing communities in Kent Thameside since Kossarova, Lucia Assessing the performance of the Slovak and the Czech health systems: a case study examining the double transition and beyond.

Walsh, Sinead Brenda The improbability of accountability of nongovernmental organisations to their intended beneficiaries: the case of ActionAid. Mladovsky, Philipa Social capital and enrolment in community-based health insurance in Senegal.

Caffrey, Louise Managing the commitment to protect children from maltreatment: the case of child contact centres in England. External Review Template. Public Policy research clusters.

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Place of Publication: Denton, Texas. Summarize the results of prior policy efforts and identify the major stakeholders. December It has been viewed times, with 57 in the last month. Test your knowledge Lesson 2: Problem formulation Test your knowledge Lesson 3: Research objectives Test your knowledge Lesson 4: Synopsis Test your knowledge Lesson 5: Meeting your supervisor Getting started: summary Literature search Literature search Lesson 1: Where to search Searching for articles Searching for Data Databases provided by your library Other useful search tools Test your knowledge Lesson 2: How to search Free text, truncating and exact phrase Combining search terms — Boolean operators Keep track of your search strategies Problems finding your search terms? It then reviews several of the City's current housing policies.

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The main element Subsequently, the creation of shared versions of the past are products of mediation, textualization and acts of communication Rigney, Simply stated, the memories we have do not solely belong to ourselves, but are part of the communicated memories of the groups we belong and in which we live and work. Subsequently, this influences our actions. Policy-makers that are concerned with a certain field of policy can be viewed as a group or a community with their own shared versions of the past and own stories of what it means to be part of the policy community. Within those communities, references to the past are made to make a point.